Wellness Check-up 

Every year we take time to do a regular physical for our physical health to  make sure everything is working  as it should and to address any potential concerns to our overall physical wellbeing. I believe we should also do this for mental and emotional health. Whatever happens in our mind and our emotions, eventually shows up in our physical body. 

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Wellness Checkup- 50 Min Session


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Everyone needs someone to walk the journey of life with them.  Someone to remind them of their value and worth. Someone to help them process life in a safe space, someone to help guide them to live up the fullest expression of who they were created to be.  Click HERE to learn more.

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Relationships are unpredictable, because humans are unpredictable. We all have a unique perspective of the world shape by our

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Whether you are simply seeking improve your marriage or you find your relationship at a crossroads, we are here to help build the skills in your marriage that will help you: strengthen or restore communication, build or regain trust, increase your emotional intelligence, use conflict to build intimacy in your relationship instead of erode it 

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Therapy Groups


Bruhs In Therapy

Bruhs in Therapy is a safe private community for brothers of color seeking to grown and     about how they can become the most authentic version of who they are


Journey Through Grief 

Grief often comes in many forms and can ambush us at a moment’s notice. Grief is one of the few life processes that we must willingly engage, in order to reap its benefits.  Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one or grieving the loss of a relationship we can help you support you through the process.  

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You can register for our 4 week grief class where we will discuss:

Week 1: Acknowledging the Loss

Week 2: Embracing The Pain 

Week 3: Searching For Meaning

Week 4  Developing a New Self- Identity 






3 hr experience 


3 hr experience