Master Class

Working as a counselor since 2007, I’ve noticed the same patterns in clients. They were stuck in their potential and made poor decisions in life, work, and personal relationships. Earnestly looking for a solution, I discovered that these individuals had lost their identity and as a result created unwanted cycles. My purpose is to help individuals find their identity.

To accomplish this I have developed unique curriculum that allows you to know your story, own it, live it and then gain courage to share it. If you can forget about tomorrow long enough, you’re bound to discover the answers you need to reclaim your lost identity.

If you realize that you’ve been making the same mistakes and are ready to break free, this is the training that you need. It’s available for any marriage seminars, business retreats or one-on-one counseling.





The Know It, Own It, Live It, Share It Curriculum (KOLS) was designed to give individuals an opportunity to explore themes and events in their life that have shaped and defined who they are and are becoming. This curriculum will help one bring greater awareness to the experiences that have shaped one’s beliefs about themselves, others, and God. With the completion of each module you wil be able to clearly identify how relationships have impacted them, how they have impacted others, have a keen sense of self, and their purpose or calling.

Module 1: KNOW IT 

If I were to ask you the question “What’s your life story?”, you would most likely respond with a series of life events that took place such as “I grew up in Sonoma, California, I have three siblings, I went to school… got married, … I wolrk a full time job…etc..

These events certainly make up parts of your life story, but may I suggest that your life is much more than a series of events. Your life is a story with characters, plots, turns and twists. In this section you will gain greater clarity on you life narrative and uncover certain themes both positive and negative that you may be living out today.

  • Exercises: Genogram


Module 2 : OWN IT

Embracing our Life Story is necessary and can also be challenging at times. In this module we will discover what it means to fully embrace your life story and what happens when you do so.

  • Exercise: Understanding Shame


Module 3: LIVE IT

In this module we will begin to specifically and practically identify the ways in which you can actively invest in the development of your story. This module helps to answer the question “What matters most in life?” and seeks to have each person live from those values.

  • Exercise: Value Discovery


Module 4: Share

Our life story is meant to be shared, not hidden. Our Creator designed our life to express something unique about His character. When we reflect and evaluate our life, we will discover “truth” that help us to live a full and meaningful life. When we share our “truth” with others we give them permission to acknowledge their “truth” in their own way and embrace their Life Story.

  • Exercise: Moving Forward